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About Retail Scan

About Retail Scan

Over the next 10 years, the FMCG market in India is poised to grow 3 times than it is today. Thousands of brands will join the fight to capture shelf share along with the thousands that are already there. While brands will proliferate, the size of that Traditional Trade store may not change much, resulting in the fight to intensify more and more. While companies may continue to subscribe to syndicated market share data, a fully customised need to understand the interplay of one’s own brands vis-a-vis competition within one’s own set of stores and ability to take real-time corrective action will considerably help companies in winning the fight.

Welcome to Retail Scan.....India’s first 100% customised In-store Solutions Company. With a pan India footprint and a whole new thinking on delivering measurable value to our clients, we try to unearth every conceivable store related issue that affects execution and sales of our clients. Here, we believe you can achieve a whole lot more through the store than you actually think. You can exactly identify your right customers, know how much you should sell to a store, create a zero-tolerance policy towards MSL stock-out, realign sales beats to increase throughput. And of course, you can accurately measure the efficacy of your sales and trade programmes.

RS Advantage

What makes us quick and credible is our proprietary, fully automated, online system that works on a self-correcting mechanism. We do not throw data at our clients, but identify and correct issues on our own and get evaluated only on the improvements that we bring on board. In addition, our research team is continuously working with our global partners, developing cutting edge technology that was hitherto unheard in India. Some of these technologies include Image Recognition & Interpretation in retail execution measurement, wherein manual processing and reporting can be entirely done away with.